Interns are invaluable to the CCO.  Each academic year we have at least two interns from Ithaca College (IC) as part of our special partnership.  We also have students from Cornell University serve as interns.  These wonderful students train and develop valuable skills areas including concert production, ticket sales, database maintenance, community outreach programming, graphic design, marketing and much more.  Students interested in arts management can get a behind the scenes experience with the living, breathing and thriving organism that is the CCO, and the CCO is enriched by the experience.


2022-23 Interns:  A Closer Look

Irene Kim
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Major/Degree: Bachelor of Music (Flute) & Performing & Media Arts, Cornell University


What interests you about the CCO:
Playing the flute has been my hobby and passion ever since I was a child. I performed within my local school (elementary to high school) orchestra, Los Angeles Youth Orchestra, Leo Orchestra, and currently in the Cornell Wind Symphony. Following my love for music, I wanted to learn more and work closely with not only the orchestras and musical organizations within Cornell University but also from the local city Ithaca area. I am always grateful for the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra for giving me this amazing opportunity to work as a CCO intern to help present live classical music to the region.

Tell us about your vision / career path:
After graduating, I am planning on attending graduate school to learn more about the music industry! Music has been a passion of mine ever since I was a child. I am passionate about learning more about the subject that I love: Music.


Kana March
Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
Major/Degree: Bachelor of Music Performance (Viola), Ithaca College


What interests you about the CCO?

What I love and am interested in most about the CCO is its commitment to the community. From the Family Concerts and Storytimes to the Willard Daetsch Youth Outreach Program, the orchestra is committed to making their art and education accessible to everyone. I think that this outreach is incredibly important, especially with arts programs being cut from schools across the country. This commitment to the community iswhat brought me to intern with the CCO!

Tell us about your vision/career path.
I have a lot of visions for my future! I’m currently trying to explore as many of my options as possible to see what I enjoy and what would be a good fit for me. I’ve taken a strong interest in arts administration and management in the past year. I am passionate about community outreach and education, so I hope to work with an organization (like the CCO!) that has a strong outreach program or to help a program grow its outreach program. I would also like to continue to perform music regularly, whether it’s in a community orchestra or in a chamber ensemble.


Lily Milkis
Hometown: Cortlandt Manor, New York
Major/Degree: Bachelor of Music (Violin) with an Outside Field in Business, Marketing Minor, Ithaca College


What interests you about the CCO?
The CCO’s presence at IC is of great interest to me because it is inspiring to see my professors perform. It also gives student interns the opportunity to see the inner workings of a professional orchestra and gain applicable skills for a future career in the performing arts sector.

Tell us about your vision/career path.
After I complete my undergraduate studies at IC, I hope to attend a graduate program to specialize in Arts Administration or Non-Profit management and work in the field doing community outreach and development for music-centered arts organizations.


Max Stephenson
Hometown: Ithaca, NY
Major/Degree: Bachelor of Music (Trumpet) with an Outside Field in Business, Ithaca College



What interests you about the CCO?
The history and culture of the group has always interested me. Having grown up around the orchestra and played in the CCOYO during high school, the CCO has always been a respected and appreciated music organization for Ithaca and the surrounding areas.

Tell us about your vision/career path.
I am an aspiring arts administrator and would like to focus on orchestral management. I also have interests in record labels, music technology companies, and other careers in the music industry at large.



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