Meet the Musicians

<h2 class="white">Violin</h2>
<h2 class="white">Viola</h2>

*Victoria Miskolczy, Principal
       Parker Jonathan Bryant Chair

*Melinda Daetsch
       Andre Jagendorf Chair

*Joshua Lohner


<h2 class="white">Cello</h2>

*Rosemary Elliott, Principal
        Janos Starker Honorary Chair by Jean and Betty Rowley

*Elizabeth Simkin
        James Grochocinski and Emily Butler Chair



<h2 class="white">Bass</h2>

*Max Michael Jacob, Principal
      Pearl Sande Chair

*Kynan Horton-Thomas

String personnel, other than Principals, are listed alphabetically.

<h2 class="white">Flute</h2>

* Wendy Herbener Mehne, Principal
        Betty Gelb Sass Chair

*Allison Parramore

<h2 class="white">Oboe</h2>

*John Lathwell, Principal
        James and Dianne Orcutt Chair

*Kelsey Stewart

<h2 class="white">Clarinet</h2>

*Vacant, Principal
       John and Ida Wolff Chair

*Sarah Chandler

<h2 class="white">Bassoon</h2>

Cornelia Sommer, Principal
        John and Carol Vineyard Chair

*Daniel Hane

<h2 class="white">Horn</h2>

Steven Harmon, Principal
     Fred and Margot Schoeps Chair

*Jonathan Dozois

<h2 class="white">Trumpet</h2>



<h2 class="white">Trombone</h2>
<h2 class="white">Timpani/Percussion</h2>


<h2 class="white">Keyboard</h2>


The Daryl J. Bem Keyboard Chair is filled by different pianists who perform throughout the season at orchestral and chamber concerts.

* Core members                            + On Leave

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