Board of Directors

Peter Walz, President
James Orcutt, Vice President
John Vineyard, Treasurer
Jeanne Goddard, Secretary

Paul Acosta**
Marty Bryant**
Sarah Cummings (musician representative)**
James Grochocinski
Edie Harkness
David Kraskow**
Christopher Morgan Loy
Rita Melen
Alexa Schmitz (musician representative)**
Ian Woods

Donald Holcomb, Community Liaison

** Representative to the Youth Orchestra Board

Advisory Board

James Byrnes
Richard D. Geiger
Loralyn Light
Art Ostrander
James H. Quest

Youth Orchestra Board

Christina Mead, parent representative
Jeffrey Sauer, parent representative
Max Rubenstein-Miller, student representative
Max Grochocinski, student representative

Kirsten Marshall, conductor (Ex officio)

Administrative Staff

Susan Spafford, Managing Director
Alexandria Kemp, Administrative Assistant
Stuart Serio, Librarian

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